Instagram Glitch Lets People Post Extra-Long Photos

After you scroll through your own Instagram feed now, you may need to keep scrolling and scrolling.

There is a glitch that enabled individuals to post extra-long Images on their feeds. It is attention-grabbing for reasons: they take a while.

The glitch seems to have worked on iOS. To make it Work, you chosen it and then opened the photograph picker of Instagram saved or just created a picture that was extra-long.

The program seems to have neglected to harvest them.

Soon After the publication of the narrative, Instagram appears to have fixed this situation.

Many individuals say that they receive a server error if they try to post the pictures, from publishing their feed, preventing the images.

We are conscious of a bug involving oversize photographs on Instagram.

When it worked, the glitch came with a few Limits. This was an Opportunity to place a scan of a banner you made.

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