Zoom Buys The Identity Service Keybase As Part Of 90-Day Security Push

Zoom has obtained Keybase, an encryption and safety service intended to function as a safe home for your internet identities.

Keybase co-founder Max Krohn will lead the safety technology group of Zoom.

Zoom was working since coming during the previous month on constructing accurate encryption for video conferences.

There is no timeline for when the attribute is going to be completed, although the business intends to publish encryption layouts on May 22nd.

Keybase profiles are meant to serve as the center of your online identity: Keybase verifies you, and it verifies that you actually own other online accounts that belong to you.

From there, people can visit your Keybase profile and feel confident that any account claimed is an authentic one. Usually, these profiles include encryption keys that can be used to securely contact a person.

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