Google Lens Can Now Help You Pronounce The Words It Translates

Google Lens helps you search via images for things, which Is useful if you would like to learn what a specific kind of plant is or precisely what a statue is known as. Now it is getting a couple of new features that will allow you to be more effective.

From now, you will Have the Ability to use the Notes attribute — that lets you save the text on your computer.

The lens can help you interpret Words to other languages. When you point your camera at them, it will help you understand how to pronounce them. Simply choose the text and then tap the brand new”listen” button to get the phrase or word read out loudly.

Ultimately, Lens can help you determine theories that you don’t know — in-line with Google search results; it is possible to pick words to find out more about them. Not confident, what waves are? Harness Lens and the term will bring search results that are important up to describe.

These are modifications, but they are To create Lens an instrument — and a While you’re in your home, way to kill time. These attributes Roll out now, Android, and coming to iOS.

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