Android Real-Time Captioning Could Be Coming To Chrome

Android’s Live Caption, real-time captioning feature, Could be arriving to Google’s Chrome browser computers and also to Chrome OS.

From the hottest Canary launch of Chrome, there is a means to get into a fresh Live Caption toggle at the browser’s availability settings.

In a Couple of Minutes of testing, I wasn’t competent to Get Live Captions to operate.

The browser crashed I navigated to Twitch or YouTube to find captions on a movie, although I changed the Live Caption toggle on.

You can try it now on Chrome OS, Linux, Mac and Windows, although Canary versions of Chrome are very rough around the edges.

Then the attribute is, if You Would like to attempt a variant of Live Caption Available in two mobiles, and Android 10 on Pixel 4, 3A, 3, also as “chosen other Android mobiles,” based on Google.

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